Taylor “TAZ” Ahmed

Hiya, my name is Taylor Ahmed (she/her/hers) and I have lived in Madison, WI since 2012. I am 28 years old and I work for a rural county in Wisconsin.

I am a bi-romantic asexual who is in a poly triad.

My interest in hockey has come from watching it with my family growing up in western NY. I have enjoyed watching NHL for most of my life but I'm new to skating (in hockey skates).

I tried playing hockey a few years ago, with a different team in Madison, and it wasn't a great experience for me. I am hoping to learn the sport with other beginners in a positive and welcoming environment.

Outside of hockey, I play volleyball in the summertime, I love reading, writing, and playing video games.

We have 4 cats at home who keep me on my toes. If you want to know more about me- reach out!