Meeting Minutes – August 08, 2016

The board met and had a lot to discuss on Monday, August 8, 2016.  We had the entire board in attendance and the meeting was held at Tim’s house.  The meeting lasted over 4 hours… I told you we had a lot to talk about!  We’re looking forward to getting everyone on the ice soon.



  • Financial Update
  • Board of Directors Insurance
  • Survey
  • Disco Balls
  • Beginning of Season Timeline
  • Drive and Website Docs
  • Sponsorship / Fundraising / Social
  • Jerseys
  • Maintaining a Safe Place – ‘Missing Stair’ Theory
  • Advocate for Issues
  • Captains Progress Update
  • Madison Capitols – Scrimmage Nights + Tickets or Fundraising
  • UW Women’s Tickets
  • Hockey Ops Recap

Financial Update

  • Loss for 2015-2016 Season
  • Plenty of Cash but Model Needs to Change
  • Discussed Fiscal Years for MGHA
  • Budget Drafted for 2016-2017
  • Financial Assistance Discussed – Needs Documentation
  • What Happens When People Don’t Pay?
  • Communication and Fees
    • Payment Goes Live on Website
    • Balance $200 Unless Special Arrangements
    • Due By September 30 (Paying Early Is Appreciated)
    • Payment Plan: Email Shelly
  • Sweatshirts: Shelly Follows Up with Sebastian
  • Email Update to Follow

Boards of Directors Insurance

  • Recommended to Get the Following:
    • Insurance: Board Gets Sued Because of Discrimination
    • Insurance: Insurance Covers Other Money Scenarios
  • Full Proposal To Come


  • Overall Positive Results
  • Board Reviewed Results
  • Making Some Adjustments / Setting Goals Based on Feedback
  • Website Will Be Updated With Goals and How We’re Working to Fix
  • Email Update to Follow

Disco Balls

  • Dana Had Disco Balls
  • What Do We Do With Them?
  • Donation To Buy Them?

Beginning of Season Timeline

  • Kickoff (Social) / Orientation
  • Gear Swap – Invitation Email Has Been Sent
  • MGHA Website Calendar Up-To-Date

Drive and Website Docs

  • Overall Aim to Use MGHA Website
  • Other Tools May Be Used, Especially If Timely
  • Part of Board Onboarding to Train WordPress (MGHA Website Host)
  • Back Up Documents As Necessary In New Google Account

Sponsorships / Fundraising / Social

  • Will Need Help of Somebody(s) Outside of Board
  • Ideas
    • Sunday Social Sponsors – Restructuring Based on Feedback
    • Front-End Sponsors – Provide Food / Drink at Beginning of Night
    • In-Kind Donations for Door Prizes, Etc.
    • Social Pot-Luck Nights
  • Form Developed to Pass Out to Leads


  • No Logos on Jerseys or T-Shirts
  • Last Year’s Colors / Styles Worked Well
  • Sell Throwback Jersey (White with Old Logo)
    • Sebastian Working To Get Info
    • Fan Jersey (Nicer)
    • Scrimmage Jersey (Cheaper)

Maintaining a Safe Place / ‘Missing Stair’ Theory

  • Be Aware and Work to Fix ‘The Missing Stair’ – Person Who Can Be Troublesome But Everyone Just Ignores or Overlooks Them
  • Pronouns Are Important
  • Review Code of Conduct – Adding Sexual Harassment Section

Advocate for Issues

  • Representative Not on the Board
  • Could Fall on a Mentor or Captain
  • Representative Will Add Anonymity to Your Issue
  • Take it to the Board

Captains Update

  • Some Confirmed – Waiting for Replies
  • No Assistant Captains – Going with Co-Captain Model
  • Will Discuss Further at HOps Meeting Next Week

Madison Capitols

  • Scrimmage Again?
  • $15 / Person and Includes a Ticket to Game
  • Must Have at Least 20 Tickets
  • WIll Be Tabled Until Next Meeting on August 30

UW Women’s Hockey Tickets

  • Season Tickets
  • Allocating Some Funds Possibility
  • Will Follow Up Next Meeting on August 30

Hockey Ops

  • Scorebox
    • Expectations
    • Staying the Same
    • Posted at Rink Each Week
    • Schedule Posted For Year In Advance, If Possible
    • Inputting Info – Electronic?
    • Mentor Helps Mentee  – Shows Ropes
    • Cleaning Out Orange Box
  • Sub Desk
    • Kelli Martino Working on New System
    • Players Required To Submit Absense by Noon on Sunday
    • System Automatically Sorts Based On Level, Number of Times, and Need
    • Reviewed by HOps
    • Will Be On MGHA Website
    • Goal Is Balanced Games
    • Mandate to 11, Optionally More if Balanced Teams
    • Last-Minute Issues Address Prior to Gametime
  • Clinics
    • 1st: First Hour is New Players, Second Hour is Anyone
    • 2nd, 3rd, 4th: Anybody Entire Time, Early Skill Development
  • Hockey Ops Will Meet Monday, August 15
  • Reach Out to Set Up Captain First Aid Session

Returning Alumni Process

  • Board Will Accept Responsibility for These Situations as They Arise

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