(W) vs (L)


Date Time League Season
December 3, 2017 6:00 pm Madison Gay Hockey Association 2017-2018


They Might Be Ducks4Win
The Blue Oxen2Loss

They Might Be Ducks

# Skater Goals Assists Penalty Minutes Penalties
3Molly Costello1000
4Leslie Walker0000
7Caleb “Clab” Oakley0000
8David Parter1000
9Fujihi – Okamoto0000
17Suzanne Doody0000
22Jillian Werginz0000
99Brandon Rounds1000
55De Bavery0000
84Alpha Brausen0200
9Gabby Grandin1000
11Jess Wreczycki0100
# Goalie Goals Against Saves
39Katy “Wergy” Werginz227
# Goalie Goals Against Saves
27Sarah “Brick” Birkholz419


Hartmeyer Ice Arena
1834 Commercial Ave, Madison, WI 53704, USA