Practice Schedule

Hey everyone!

Hopefully you all recovered from the team reveal.  It was a fun night and we hope you had a great time.  Now that we have teams, we should probably get to know one another better.  Lucky for us, we have two weeks of practice with our team.

You’ll be sharing the ice with another team each week.

Here’s the schedule for both weeks:

October 21
4:50 PM: Orange and Yellow
6:00 PM: Black and Blue
7:10 PM: Gray and Green
8:20 PM: Red and White
9:30 PM: Light Blue and Maroon

October 28
4:50 PM: Gray and Red
6:00 PM: Light Blue and Orange
7:10 PM: Maroon and Yellow
8:20 PM: Blue and Green
9:30 PM: White and Black