Category: 15-16 Essays

Chuck McKain – 2016 Essay

What Gay Hockey Means to Me By Chuck McKain Hockey was a constant for me throughout most of my childhood and teenage years. I started playing in the second grade and it quickly became my sport of choice. I was skating three of four times a week, playing two games most w read more

Kelli Martino – 2016 Essay

What Gay Hockey Means to Me By Kelli Martino What gay hockey means to me: family, friends, and being a part of team greater than the sum of its parts. Madison gay hockey is an integral part of Madison’s identity through my eyes. As any Madison transplant knows, moving t read more

Logan Kirwin – 2016 Essay

What Gay Hockey Means to Me By Logan Kirwin The evening after the first new player clinic I went to IHOP and ate 2 entrees, then went home and watched six hours of hockey games on YouTube. This was my first hockey season, despite first pulling on skates at age 3. I’ve p read more

Shelly Kennedy – 2016 Essay

Gay Hockey is Like the Unconditional Love I Get from My Dogs By Shelly Kennedy Ok, first of all I am not a comfortable writer or orator for that matter, I prefer working with numbers, formulas and tables rather than letters and words. So the idea of an essay on anything read more

Sarah Bottjen – 2016 Essay

What Gay Hockey Means to Me By Sarah Bottjen I can remember the first time I ever took a step on ice. Big fuzzy boots, bundled up ‘til I could hardly see, and all thanks to my ever-loving parents who knew that I would probably freeze to death or crack my skull open with read more

Kelly Bass – 2016 Essay

What Gay Hockey Means to Me By Kelly Bass I’ve spent many of my 31 years just existing. There have definitely been times when I’ve felt like I was actively living, but until fairly recently, those moments weren’t the norm. Then, in August of 2015, I joined the MGHA and read more