Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2017


  • Championship Night
  • Social Update
  • Blades Update
  • Classic Update
  • Idea – Meeting to Document ‘Standard’ Plan
  • Idea – Add-On Advanced Scrimmages and Skills Clinics
  • Summer Scrimmage and Skills Clinics
  • Advanced Player Experience
  • MII Ice Conditions
  • End-of-Year Survey
  • Member Meeting
  • Scoresheet Questions
  • Schedule Next Board Meeting

Championship Night

  • Championship Night
    • March 26, 2017 – Starting at 3:30 PM
    • Anna Cates running it this year
      • Getting photographer
      • Getting announcer
      • Will be looking for responses from captains for All The Way Awards
    • Some thank you shout-outs from the board
    • Potluck tables
    • Merch table

Social Update

  • On track for end-of-year recap with social team
  • Documentary screening went really well, great discussion / engagement
    • Follow-up being planned by Eric
  • Sponsorship meetings to document benefits for both parties in the works

Blades Update

  • David Hafner working on Blades
  • Encouraging teams to sell tickets
  • Email going out to entire league tonight (it’s already out!)

Classic Update

  • 45 signed up so far
  • Total last year was 93
  • Majority signed up for recreational division currently

Idea – Meeting to Document ‘Standard’ Plan

  • Working meeting to capture workflow for the season
  • Would be great to document the procedures
  • Use as a future template
  • Less agenda-focused and more bang-it-out focused
  • Aiming for early June

Idea – Add-On Scrimmages and Clinics

  • These would be in addition to the season
  • Use summer to gauge interest in additional advanced scrimmages and how often we could / should have them
  • Potentially set up a clinic or two during the summer leveraging coaches from Thunder

Summer Scrimmages

  • Working to secure slots for the summer
  • More details to come
  • Tim will be point of contact
  • Randi will work on website
    • Release spot like subbing system on website
    • Players can log on to fill empty slots
  • Pay up front, price TBD

Next Season

  • Based on feedback, consider adding an extra hour for advanced scrimmage during clinic weeks to begin season

Advanced Player Experience

  • What are the feelings of advanced players and how do we create a good experience for them?

MII Ice Conditions

  • Several injuries this season, partially due to bad ice
  • Corner near Zamboni doors are the worst
  • Bring up problems with Stu

End-of-Year Survey

  • Board will work to determine best questions
  • Agenda item to keep this on the radar

Special Meeting of Members

  • April 18, 2017 – 6:30 PM – Location TBD
  • Bylaws review / discussion
  • Voting on remote voting
  • Vote in new members

Annual Meeting of Members

  • May 7, 2017 – 5:00 PM – Glass Nickel (likely)
  • Elect directors and transact other items that may come before the members
  • Vote on bylaw changes proposed at special meeting

Scoresheet Questions

  • Look for new, easier-to-understand scoresheet for next season
  • Do we need referees to sign?
    • According to USA Hockey, yes is what we’re told

Schedule Next Board Meeting

  • No official meeting on the books as of now
  • After championship night, we’ll circle back