Meeting Minutes – August 30, 2016

Hello again, MGHAers!  We’re full steam ahead into the hockey season with clinics starting in less than two weeks!  We had another board meeting on Tuesday of this week and while it wasn’t as long as last time, it was a productive meeting.  We learned one very important thing from that meeting… Randi is magic!

Agenda and meeting minutes are below.



  • Recruiting and Mentoring Update
  • Review Membership Page and Application
  • Review Sponsors Page and Application
  • Review Sponsor Packages
  • Hockey Ops Update
  • Jerseys and Socks
  • Orientation
  • Financial Update
  • Financial / Gear Aid
  • Play With Requests
  • Outreach Annual Awards Banquet

Recruiting and Mentoring Update

  • We’re Full, Including Goaltenders
  • Wait List – One Open Invitation Left
  • Almost All New Players Matched with Mentor
  • Mentor Meetings Have Taken Place

Membership Page and Meeting

  • Website Application Looks Good
  • Working to Schedule a Member Meeting for Fall
    • Tentatively Looking at Mid November
  • Email to ‘Announce’ Asking for Member Applications Should Be Sent

Sponsors Page and Application

  • Sponsor Page Preview Given to Board
  • Recommended Changes
    • Move Map Under Announcements
    • Sponsor Logos Move Up
    • Could Add Sponsor Logos to Side of All Pages in Smaller Form

Sponsor Packages

  • Spreadsheet of Packages Preview Given to Board
  • Recommendations
    • Do Not Promise a Certain Number of Fans
    • Be Careful With Promises
    • Create Package Page for Website
    • Create a Footer Graphic to Attach to Emails with Sponsors
      • This should be updated with all current sponsor logos when they change.
    • Who Manages This?

Hockey Ops Update

  • 19 of 20 Captains Signed Up (Update – 20 Now!)
  • Plan Out Talking Points for Captain’s Meeting
    • Will Work with Board and Recruitment
    • Planned for 9/18
    • Mark Nessel is the Captain Wrangler
  • Working with Hartmeyer – Ice Time is Confirmed – Awaiting Contract
    • New Leadership
  • Team Forming
    • HOps Meets to Draft
    • Presents to Board
    • Board Tweaks (if Necessary)
    • Final Approval Given by Board
  • Formalized Clinic and Evaluation Processes

Jerseys and Socks

  • Sebastian Will Be Helping
  • Plan is Similar Colors to 2015-2016 Season
  • Tim Would Like Royal Blue and K8 Would Like Socks With Stripes
  • Due Dates Assigned
    • October 23rd – Acquire Jerseys
    • October 30th – Assign Sizes / Numbers at Team Practice
    • October 31st – Deliver Jerseys to Shop


  • Orientation Meeting – Tentative Plan
    • Recruitment: September 11, 2016 at 5 PM
    • Hockey Ops: September 11, 2016 at 6 PM
    • Snacks! (Shelly Will Take Care of This)
    • Conference Room at Hartmeyer? (Tim Will Take Care of This Once Confirmed)
    • Topics
      • League Culture
      • Pronouns / Identity / Interpersonal Communication
      • Race
      • Hockey

Financial Update

  • Filed Annual Report (WI Government Obligation)
  • Dana Working on Taxes
  • Justin and David Ryan-Sukup Got Married and Registered MGHA Contributions for Gifts
    • Making a Donation to the League
  • Declaration of Non-Profit Supposedly Expired
    • Instructions Followed on IRS Website to Get Updated Documentation
    • Have Tried Calls
    • Needed for a Grant

Financial / Gear Aid

  • Most Players Have Paid Deposits Except for Financial Aid Recipients
  • Gear Aid Available on Case-by-Case Basis

Play With Requests

  • Deadline: Friday, October 7, 2016
  • Honored as Best as Possible
  • Need to Create Form on Website
  • “Randi is magic.”

OutReach Annual Awards Banquet

  • Friday, September 23, 2016 – 5 to 9 PM
  • Monona Terrace
  • Table Captain Needed (Libs Will Find This)
  • Cost: $70/ticket, $120/pair, $60/each additional
  • Deadline: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
  • Limited Income and Sliding Scale Available

Next Meeting

  • Tentatively Scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 6:30 PM (Contingent Upon Schedules of Other Board Members)
    • Meeting Will Focus on Bylaws and Scheduling Necessary Meetings Through Season (Long-Term Planning)

“We do not have any fortune cookies tonight.”
Fortune Cookie Generator says: “Open my cookie.”