Season: 2007-2008


Vivian Lin

I grew up a frustrated tomboy in San Francisco. I didn’t get to play a lot of sports, because I was a MUSIC GEEK. My mom actually went in to my middle school to tell my gym teachers I wasn’t allowed to participate in certain activities, since I needed to keep my fingers intact for the violin.

Luckily, my mom DID send me for ice skating lessons the summer I was nine. There was one tiny little ice rink in SF at the time, I remember the ice sheet was small and round, and there was always a puddle of water on one part of it. I loved skating, except for the fact that I had to wear an oatmeal-colored figure skating outfit dress-thing that my mom knitted for me. (It was really a work of art, but I couldn’t appreciate back then. Ok, even now, I wouldn’t want to wear it.) And of course I was in figure skates. There was definitely no hockey in SF when I was growing up!

I discovered hockey when I was in grad school in Boston. A few guys in my department asked me if I wanted to play on an intramural team. It seemed impossible to me that I could just start playing hockey! But I was lucky to be in an environment with many opportunities for beginners, and I was soon hooked.

ELEVEN YEARS LATER, and I’m still in love with this sport. I also love proselytizing about it. I’m still excited about this league because I think it’s done a fantastic job of bringing players of various skill levels together, and providing a safe space for beginners to learn about the game.

And now I’ll be on the beginner end of things as well…I’m looking forward to playing between the pipes this season!

Brenda “pork chop” Seggerman

Kudos to all the new and returning new players. Your courage, strength, and perseverance with this sport encourages us all. Thank you.

Jenn “The Jenneral” Rotman

Wow this is my 3rd season with the MGHA already! I came into this league knowing about 3 people, and now I am surrounded by people I consider my family. I didn’t know anything about hockey 3 years ago, now I think most people know I am a hockey addict, can’t go long without it!