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My name's Daun (da-oon) which is Indonesian for 'leaf'. I usually go by "dj"

I have a motto:
"Those without a sense of humour, are at the mercy of the rest of us"

[don’t worry, that goes both ways... i love to laugh, even if it’s at my own expense]

I moved to Wisconsin in spring of ‘06, from the West Coast. ever since the U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey team made it to the Olympics, and brought home the Gold, I’ve had crazy notions of playing hockey again...

I've in-line skated most of my life (pretty much since they came out back in the 80’s). in middle school, I was introduced to In-line hockey, and helped establish “The Gorge Hockey League” (the Dalles, Oregon) -- where i was able to play for 4-5 seasons. When I graduated high school, to attend SOU (Ashland, Oregon) -- I took a risk and attempted the ‘informal’ scrimmages in the park at the seasonal rink. to my surprise, it felt like home (only a little bit more slippery).

I’ve played soccer for the majority of my life, and so transitioning into hockey was fairly easy... to me it was the same basic concepts, with the exception that you’re using a little puck, instead a soccer ball... either way, both hurt if you catch it wrong, but i guess that’s why hockey pads are a bonus.

I first read about MGHA in some local publication in 2006, and was very excited to learn more. somehow the year got away from me, and it wasn’t until PRIDE ‘07 that I was re-introduced. It feels like home, and it warms my heart to be welcomed as I have.

I look forward to honing my skills, meeting new faces -- and embracing the family and support that is rare to come by within our society.

'07-08 season was a blast! luv's my MGHA FAMILY!!!

[SEASON '08-09: unfortunately I won't be 'skating out' with MGHA this season, but I will be there in spirit -- as well as via the league forum, and hopefully for a game or two. so technically I'll be rostered as a "volunteer" and "fan" *heh heh*

The Madison Gay Hockey Association is an amazing doorway for individuals, who are hockey inclined. I can talk-it-up all I want, but you'll see/experience for yourself.

Happy skating and (lovingly) give 'em hell! *muaha*

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