Simon Lee Ignatowski

the moon

Player Bio

I grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin and came to Madison 10 years ago. I learned how to play hockey with the MGHA in 2009, and ever since then, my life has consisted of work, hockey, work, hockey, work, hockey, hockey, work, and hockey. If you don't believe me, ask me what I'm doing on Friday night.

I have scientifically* determined that having a beard makes me better at hockey. My mom accidentally made me a Sharks fan. All of the clothes I own are grey, with some exceptions. Badger women's hockey rules. Sometimes when I carpool with certain people I'm forced to be a French dictionary, even though I don't even speak French. Canada is awesome!!!


*for given values of science, i.e. computer science

Player Statistics

SeasonTeamGoalsAssistsPenalty MinutesP
2016-2017House of Blues1000
2015-2016Skate, Forrest, Skate13500
2012-2013Flaming Lips2200
2011-2012Blue La-Goons2200
2010-2011The Royal We0000
2009-2010The Puffy Clouds2100

Player Statistics

SeasonTeamGoalsAssistsPenalty MinutesP
20162016 Teal – Competitive