MGHA Coaching

This page reviews the History of Coaching in the MGHA, L1 Coaching Assignments and the General Coaching Pool.

History of Coaching in the MGHA

Since the beginning, MGHA’s development-centered mission has been activated through regular season gameplay – inclusive MGHA Way of play, experienced skaters coaching new skaters ad hoc, and preseason clinics.

Skaters wanting more practice find it all across town; free on the frozen ponds during the deep cold months, rallying folks to join stick-and-puck at a local ice rink, paid power-skating sessions, or a friendly drop-in / pick-up game with a local group.

This only took us so far. With over 200 skaters and 3 levels of play in the 2022-2023 season, the MGHA began organizing and assigning coaches to the L1 level of play to coach games and practices. This decision supports captains while they’re skating and give players more access to ask questions and grow their skills throughout the season. A general pool of coaches was added to support L2/L3 captains and players requests for support.

Today, we are bringing more coaching directly into official MGHA ice time by naming coaches and using the website as a tool to make more developmental opportunities available to all MGHA skaters.

L1 Team Coach Assignments

See your assignment – if you need to trade shifts, you must request/approve with the other coach first, then use the ‘Take’ button to make it official and shown on the website.

There are no games scheduled in the 2024-2025 season.

General Coaching Pool

New for the 2023-2024 season, the General Coaching Pool exists to encourage hockey knowledge and experience to be shared across the MGHA, it’s a flexible, request-based system.

Captains can request a coach help players with skills and strategy questions on the bench and share tips/tricks/notes during gameplay breaks. Coaches help captains by being a second pair of eyes attached to a non-hockey-playing-brain.

Skaters can request a coach observe their gameplay and share feedback. If the player wants the coach to join the bench, they must first check in with their captain.

Anyone can request a coach help discuss and develop skills outside of regular MGHA gameplay. Help each other hockey however and wherever you feel comfortable to develop skills.

Click a Coach’s name below to see their Profile and Coaching Bio for more details.

You may share feedback on your coaching experience on the Coaching Feedback Form (optional) at any time, so HOps can understand your experience and make improvements.