Teams & Schedule

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Sunday, December 5th

4:30 PMBlack HolesMagic School Bus
5:00 PMNecromancersCaution!
5:40 PMThe Red FlagsThe Harvey Milks
6:10 PMEnd of the RainbowGreen Eggs and WHAM!
6:50 PMSlippery When WetViolet Villains
7:20 PMSauceThe White Stuff
8:30 PMSkyfallThe Fanta-Sticks!

Sunday, December 12th

4:30 PMCaution!The White Stuff
5:00 PMThe Harvey MilksSlippery When Wet
5:40 PMSkyfallEnd of the Rainbow
6:10 PMMagic School BusViolet Villains
6:50 PMThe Fanta-Sticks!Green Eggs and WHAM!
7:20 PMBlack HolesThe Red Flags
8:30 PMNecromancersSauce

Sunday, December 19th

4:30 PMThe Fanta-Sticks!End of the Rainbow
5:00 PMMagic School BusSlippery When Wet
5:40 PMSkyfallGreen Eggs and WHAM!
6:10 PMThe Red FlagsViolet Villains
6:50 PMNecromancersThe White Stuff
7:20 PMBlack HolesThe Harvey Milks
8:30 PMCaution!Sauce
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, December 26th

-- no games scheduled --

Sunday, January 2nd

Scrimmage Signups
  • 4:30 Advanced
  • 5:00 Beginner
  • 5:40 High Intermediate
  • 6:10 Low Intermediate

Sunday, January 9th

Scrimmage Signups
  • 5:00 Low-Mid Intermediate
  • 5:40 Mid-High Intermediate
  • 6:10 Beginner/Intermediate Clinic
  • 6:50 Advanced
  • 7:20 Beginner

Sunday, January 16th

-- no games scheduled --

Sunday, January 23rd

4:30 PMSauceSkyfall
5:00 PMCaution!Green Eggs and WHAM!
5:40 PMViolet VillainsSlippery When Wet
6:10 PMThe White StuffThe Fanta-Sticks!
6:50 PMNecromancersEnd of the Rainbow
7:20 PMMagic School BusBlack Holes
8:30 PMThe Harvey MilksThe Red Flags
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, January 30th

4:30 PMThe White StuffSkyfall
5:00 PMSauceThe Fanta-Sticks!
5:40 PMThe Red FlagsBlack Holes
6:10 PMCaution!End of the Rainbow
6:50 PMSlippery When WetThe Harvey Milks
7:20 PMNecromancersGreen Eggs and WHAM!
8:30 PMViolet VillainsMagic School Bus
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, February 6th

4:30 PMSlippery When WetMagic School Bus
5:00 PMThe Fanta-Sticks!Skyfall
5:40 PMThe Harvey MilksBlack Holes
6:10 PMThe White StuffSauce
6:50 PMViolet VillainsThe Red Flags
7:20 PMCaution!Necromancers
8:30 PMGreen Eggs and WHAM!End of the Rainbow
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, February 13th

Scrimmage Signups
  • TBA

Sunday, February 20th

4:30 PMEnd of the RainbowSkyfall
5:00 PMThe White StuffCaution!
5:40 PMSauceNecromancers
6:10 PMThe Red FlagsMagic School Bus
6:50 PMGreen Eggs and WHAM!The Fanta-Sticks!
7:20 PMViolet VillainsThe Harvey Milks
8:30 PMSlippery When WetBlack Holes
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, February 27th

4:30 PMThe White StuffNecromancers
5:00 PMViolet VillainsBlack Holes
5:40 PMEnd of the RainbowThe Fanta-Sticks!
6:10 PMThe Harvey MilksMagic School Bus
6:50 PMSauceCaution!
7:20 PMSlippery When WetThe Red Flags
8:30 PMGreen Eggs and WHAM!Skyfall
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, March 6th

4:30 PMEnd of the RainbowSauce
5:40 PMGreen Eggs and WHAM!The White Stuff
6:50 PMBlack HolesMagic School Bus
8:00 PMThe Fanta-Sticks!Caution!
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, March 13th

4:30 PMThe Red FlagsThe Harvey Milks
5:40 PMSlippery When WetViolet Villains
6:50 PMSkyfallNecromancers
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, March 20th

4:30 PMGreen Eggs and WHAM!Caution!
5:00 PMThe Red FlagsViolet Villains
5:40 PMThe Fanta-Sticks!The White Stuff
6:10 PMSkyfallSauce
6:50 PMEnd of the RainbowNecromancers
7:20 PMBlack HolesThe Harvey Milks
8:30 PMMagic School BusSlippery When Wet
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, March 27th

4:30 PMMagic School BusThe Red Flags
5:00 PMGreen Eggs and WHAM!Necromancers
5:40 PMBlack HolesSlippery When Wet
6:10 PMThe Fanta-Sticks!Sauce
6:50 PMThe Harvey MilksViolet Villains
7:20 PMEnd of the RainbowCaution!
8:30 PMSkyfallThe White Stuff
HOps on Duty:
  • Early: –
  • Late: Katy

Sunday, April 3rd

4:30 PMSauceGreen Eggs and WHAM!
5:00 PMMagic School BusThe Harvey Milks
5:40 PMNecromancersThe Fanta-Sticks!
6:10 PMThe Red FlagsSlippery When Wet
6:50 PMCaution!Skyfall
7:20 PMThe White StuffEnd of the Rainbow
8:30 PMViolet VillainsBlack Holes
HOps on Duty:

Sunday, April 10th

Championship Night!  Matchups will be determined by the standings after April 3rd games.